Saturday, January 28, 2017

Nuclear Fusion Scam!

Some short arguments for the beginning! :-)
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The nuclear fusion scammists claim, that they would produce "peaceful" energy similar to Sun, by "fusion" of hydrogen.

The problem is, that the Sun is destroying mater because of huge pressure by its mass and turning it into energy, which is emitted out to the space. As a byproduct of this process, by investing part of the energy some bigger elements are produced. Hydroge atoms is melted to Helium and other bigger elements and their isotopes.

When some instable isotopes are cracked, like it is done isotopes with Uranium, Plutonium or Hydrogen, each released Neutron turn into a Proton, Electron and some energy particles. This is the energy which can be used for heating water to turn turbines for production of electricity.
Energy by fusion is a scientifically designed Ponzi scheme. Fission releases energy but fusion consumes it!
Fusion reactor is one of the biggest scientific frauds. Fission releases energy, but fusion always absorbs!

Fusion will never produce energy because it consumes more energy! They aren't fusion but fission reactors!

The fusion is a energy consuming byproduct. It is a waste of the process, which is fission not fusion.

It is always fusion, as heavy hydrogen isotopes are cracked. Fission helium is its waste byproduct.
Therefore whole idea is a scam!

The use for this reactors heavy water to crack the neutrons from the core. Cracking out neutrons is fission!

Bram CohenWill we ever generate more energy out of nuclear fusion than we put in?
"Due to having to create artificial pressure by using electromagnetism instead of stars using gravity, will we ever gather more energy than what we use to pressurize the hydrogen in the first place?"